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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Statement explains how Mud Masters B.V. handles the personal data of buyers of tickets and visitors to and/or participants in events organised by or on behalf of MUD MASTERS and users of its services. MUD MASTERS considers it important that the collection and processing of your personal data takes place in a careful and secure manner.

Buyers of a ticket to a MUD MASTERS event, visitors to a MUD MASTERS event and participants in an event organised by or on behalf of MUD MASTERS (including obstacle runs) and the users of MUD MASTERS services are referred to hereinafter in this Privacy Statement as “the user” or “you”.

Controller: Mud Masters

MUD MASTERS B.V., with its registered office and principal place of business at Kanaalweg 22 in (3526 KM) Utrecht (Chamber of Commerce number: 54517680), hereinafter “MUD MASTERS”, is responsible for collecting and processing your personal data. MUD MASTERS is therefore the controller within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related implementing acts.

Our Websites

MUD MASTERS manages several websites concerning events organised by it or on its behalf linked or not linked to the deployment of apps and social media. These websites (and any apps and social media) are jointly referred to in this Privacy Statement as “the Websites”. It concerns more in particular the following websites and related domains (such as .nl, .de, dk);

Generally speaking, MUD MASTERS can collect your data inter alia at the moment you as a user register for a MUD MASTERS newsletter, when you purchase a ticket to a MUDMASTERS event, when you send an e-mail to us, you disclosed your data publicly via or through the use of our Websites, social media or another public platform. The information MUD MASTERS receives in this connection is used to be able to deliver our services, to improve them, for marketing purposes and in order to be able to offer our users sound and personalised services.

The manner in which MUD MASTERS collects data
MUD MASTERS can receive information from you as a user in the following ways:

Directly from you as the user for example when you send an e-mail containing a question or use our customer service, create a personal account on one of our Websites in relevant cases or if you participate in a possible competition or a giveaway organised by MUD MASTERS.

MUD MASTERS collects various data via our Websites – inter alia for the performance, improvement or registration of our services – inter alia by the use and deployment of cookies. MUD MASTERS can also receive your personal location details if you grant us your separate and express consent to do so. Incidentally, we are able and are allowed to process anonymous location details without consent as well.

MUD MASTERS also uses third-party services via third-party websites. These third parties act on the instructions of MUD MASTERS if this is the case. This privacy statement also applies to the data that are collected via the websites of these third parties if they act as processor on MUD MASTERS’s instructions. This includes the online sale of tickets to events organised by or on behalf of MUD MASTERS via the websites of our ticket partner(s) Your Ticket Provider. Our ticket partner(s) and other MUD MASTERS contractors may also collect data for their own purposes via their websites. MUD MASTERS is not responsible for the collection and processing of data that does not take place on the instructions of MUD MASTERS. You have to apply to the relevant third parties for this purpose. We refer you in this connection to the privacy policy and the conditions of the relevant websites and platforms.

At our events, MUD MASTERS can also process the data of visitors at the events it organises (in part), such as registering (by camera) all or parts of an event for commercial or security purposes. Visitors are always informed of such recording and processing when entering an event location and such data are not shared with third parties without consent insofar as it can be obtained within reason, unless MUD MASTERS is required by law to do so.

Data collected by MUD MASTERS
MUD MASTERS may process data of users, including personal data. The data MUD MASTERS may collect in respect of you as a user are:

  • contract and account details – this includes the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, customer number, the number of tickets purchased and in relevant cases also the location and seat number(s) you have provided;
  • payment and invoicing details – when you purchase a ticket to one of our events for the purpose of financial handling and administration;
  • app and Website data – this includes the IP address, your unique device identifier, traffic and location data and what you have done on our website. For more information about the use of cookies, we would like to refer you to the MUD MASTERS cookie policy below in this Privacy Statement;
  • data you have placed publicly – this includes personal responses on our Websites, including blogs or ‘after’ pages, or messages you have placed on social media managed by us or on our behalf;
  • information about your personal preferences – this includes musical taste on the basis of selected favourite artists and/or tickets purchased previously;
  • special data – in case of you are disabled, we want to make sure that you are able to have the best possible experience at our events. We collect data concerning your needs in order to be able to meet your accessibility needs. This may include data regarding your mental and physical health, including use of special medication, which you provide to us when applying for a disabled parking space; and
  • data concerning minors – in the few cases in which we as MUD MASTERS collect the personal data of minors we always request consent from the parents and/or legal representatives and we will always collect and process such information exclusively for the purposes specified at the moment we collect these.

Reasons why MUD MASTERS uses data
MUD MASTERS may use the abovementioned data for the following purposes:

For the purpose of the performance of our agreement with you as user – MUD MASTERS uses your data when you conclude an agreement with us, for example to purchase a ticket or product, purchase a service, so that we:

  • are able to process the order;
  • are able to accept payment;
  • are able to provide you with customer service and after sales.
  • are able to verify you as a ticket holder and also to counter fraud on the basis of your ticket and to prevent tickets from being sold on the black market;
  • are able to identify you as ticket holder quickly in case of emergencies, partly in the interest of security;
  • are able to provide a personal photo and video service to you as ticket holder.

For our legitimate business interests – which includes:

  • conducting market research and analysis, in order to be able to improve our events and services;
  • for our marketing purposes, to provide you as user with information regarding special offers, products, services and our events, which are organised by or on behalf of MUD MASTERS. For example to send e-mails including information or alerts about the event for which you purchased a ticket or other, similar events organised by or on behalf of MUD MASTERS;
  • in order to send e-mails from customer service, such as reservation confirmations and event reminders and ticket sales for our events, both via MUD MASTERS and Your Ticket Provider;
  • in order to prevent or investigate unlawful behaviour, to protect or enforce our legal rights or in other cases permitted by law. We consider it very important for example that tickets come into the possession of loyal visitors and true fans. As such, we may also use your data to help prevent abuse of intellectual property rights (such as our brands, logos and/or partners), fraud or other crimes.

Your data as a user will not be used for any purpose other than the purposes referred to above. You can simply unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive message from MUD MASTERS. More information in this regard can be found under the heading “Your choices and rights as a user” in this Privacy Statement.

What you consented to
By accepting the General Visitor Conditions and the MUD MASTERS Privacy Statement when purchasing a ticket to one of our events, you grant us consent to:

  • to contact you as a user with information or special offers relating to future, similar events organised by or on behalf of MUD MASTERS. This make take place by e-mail, push and web notifications, via text message or by social media. You can change these personal marketing preferences at any time, see the paragraph entitled “Your choices and rights as a user” below in this Privacy Statement;
  • to provide you as a user with services based on your location – such as via our Websites (and any apps) that allow you to see yourself on the map. We can use your location to send you push messages about what is happening in your area;
  • in order to deliver custom (targeted) advertising and marketing communication on our Website (see also our cookie policy for more information);
  • in order to process your health data in order to comply with your accessibility requirements – if you are disabled and/or use special medication and choose to share these data with us.

MUD MASTERS also shares data with third parties

  • within the group of MUD MASTERS affiliates companies that provide services on our behalf such as marketing, profiling, reporting and technical support;
  • our external service providers (also referred to as data processors), such as computing providers, who supply the IT infrastructure on which our products and systems are built (including Your Ticket Provider) and provide additional services at our request (such as photo marketing partners);
  • our co-promoters and event partners who organise or deliver specific services during our events (in accordance with their privacy statement and conditions);
  • third parties that deliver the products and services you have purchased (such as merchandise) so that they can process and carry out orders;
  • government authorities or other competent authorities if such is permitted or required by law.

Third-party websites
With the exception of the abovementioned third parties, this Privacy Statement does not apply to third-party websites and platforms, such as websites and apps from MUD MASTERS’ sponsors to which MUD MASTERS refers or social media buttons on our Websites that allow managers of these social media services to collect your personal data. MUD MASTERS is not responsible for the privacy policy and conditions of the third-party websites and/or platforms. MUD MASTERS recommends that you take note of the privacy policy and conditions of these third parties, as published on the relevant websites and/or platforms.

Your choices and rights as a user
As a user you can always request, adjust and alter or remove your data if necessary or have this done. This can be done in different ways:

  • you can adjust your account and preferences with our ticket partner(s) Your Ticket Provider yourself in relevant cases;
  • in relevant cases you can log into our Websites in order to change or remove your data for the newsletter, to change or remove favourite music/artists and to fully switch off personalisation after the event in which you have has ended;
  • in addition, you are offered the opportunity to unsubscribe from the mailing list at the bottom of every message you receive from or on behalf of MUD MASTERS, so that you will no longer receive information from MUD MASTERS;
  • you can also switch on or off whether you wish to share location settings or receive push notifications from or on behalf of MUD MASTERS via the settings of your device (such as your mobile phone);
  • for the purpose of managing your cookie preferences, we refer you to our Cookie Policy below in this Privacy Statement.

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data by MUD MASTERS and to adjust the data you have provided. You also have the right to request a copy of the information we hold in respect of you. You can contact us at if you have further questions or if you wish to submit a request for inspection of your data.

Maintenance of your information
MUD MASTERS makes every effort to ensure that your information is secured properly. Only those persons who require access to user data pursuant to his or her position have access to such data. MUD MASTERS has implemented suitable technical measures that are updated regularly in order to ensure that the data are secured properly. But: the internet is never 100% secure. You should therefore ensure that you as a user also implement the necessary security measures yourself and never provide your password to another person and certainly not to unknown persons.

MUD MASTERS does not retain data longer than necessary in order to be able to provide the services you have requested. We will remove you data securely if they are no longer necessary for these purposes in accordance with our company policy.

In the event data are transferred outside Europe, there are strict rules to ensure that your data are still protected by a high level of security. If MUD MASTERS were to do so, we will ensure that the necessary security measures are implemented. We will use one of the mechanisms set out below if we transfer your data outside the European Economic Area. The standard contract provisions approved by the European Commission are:

  • EU-US Privacy shield
  • Binding company rules
  • Binding rules for company processors

MUD MASTERS cookie policy

MUD MASTERS may use cookies on its Websites. This cookie policy provides us with insight and an overview of the various cookies MUD MASTERS may use. 

Functional cookies
MUD MASTERS uses functional cookies that are essential to the functionality of the Websites, such as cookies for registering whether consent for cookies was granted and to remember your preferred language.

Analytical cookies
MUD MASTERS uses analytical cookies, such as the cookies from Google Analytics, in order to be able to understand how the Websites are used, for the purpose of acquiring knowledge of the interests of visitors/users and to improve the Websites on a continuous basis and to make them user-friendlier. It is registered for example how long visitors/users remain on a certain page, how many clicks a page or artist receives, but also whether a certain link does not function properly.

In relevant cases MUD MASTERS has concluded a processing agreement with the relevant third parties concerning the using of digital measuring instruments (inter alia Google Analytics) with or without intervention by third parties. This agreement ensures among other things that the cookies placed by those third parties (inter alia Google Analytics) are set in most privacy-friendly way possible.

Advertising cookies
Cookies may also be used by or on behalf of MUD MASTERS to test the effectiveness of advertisements so that we can show the best and most relevant offers.

MUD MASTERS also uses advertising and retargeting cookies in order to align the advertisements on our Websites with your interests as much as possible. We attempt to obtain an image of your possible interests by means of the use of cookies on the basis of your visit to and use of our Website, without us creating a profile that can be traced back to you. We can show you relevant advertisements on the basis of these interests. If you do not consent to the use of advertising or retargeting cookies you will be shown other, possibly less relevant advertisements.

Social media cookies
MUD MASTERS may use social plug-ins in order to afford users the opportunity to share an event directly with friends via Facebook or Instagram. This plug-in is subject to the privacy policy and conditions of Facebook and Instagram, which you can find on their websites and/or platforms. 

Setting preferences
If you decide not to consent to the use of cookies or if you delete cookies, such may reduce the quality of the use of our Websites. You can adjust your cookie preferences and remove cookies via your browser settings.

All information collected on our Websites by means of cookies is anonymised as much as possible.


As a user you can contact us at if you require further information, if you have questions or if you wish to obtain a copy of the relevant information.

Changes to the Privacy Statement
MUD MASTERS expressly reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. Users are recommended to read the MUD MASTERS Privacy Statement on a regular basis to find out about any changes. In the event MUD MASTERS makes important changes to its Privacy Statement, we will inform you as a user thereof and in case of drastic, substantive changes we will ask for your consent (again) if necessary.

Most recently amended on 25 May 2018.