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So you think you’ve got a good basic condition, do you? And you can swim? BAM! You now have a new sports goal: Mud Masters! At Mud Masters, you’ll conquer spectacular off-road obstacles and you can decide for yourself how far you’ll go: 6, 12, 18 or 42 km… or 24 hours of suffering!?


Become Mud Masters-ready with the right type of training!

Almost EVE-RY-ONE can do Mud Masters. Yes, you too – really! You don’t need to have running trophies on your mantel and you definitely don’t need to look like the Hulk or Superman. If you’re in good basic condition, you’ll go far at Mud Masters! With distances of 6 to 42 kilometers, finishing at Mud Masters is achievable for everyone.


You can get yourself ready for your run in all kinds of ways. Whether you run, play soccer, practice jujitsu or play Rambo in your backyard: It all contributes to your Mud Masters fitness level. If you want to train in a more focused way, then choose boot camp or CrossFit. These workouts will prepare you well for the climbing, scrambling, running and crawling on the Mud Masters course.

Boot camp

Boot camp is a really good preparation. It’s based on an all-around military fitness training. You do it in a group, outdoors, and you alternate condition training with strengthening exercises. The latter you do with your own body weight. At boot camp you climb hills, do pull-ups on the monkey bars on a playground, or use a park bench as the perfect tool for push-ups. It feels like you’re a kid playing outside again… Just like in the Mud Masters mud! With boot camp, you’ll notice your strength quickly increasing and your condition improving with each training. And that is exactly the combination you’ll need for the Mud Masters course.


CrossFit is varied and intensive. The circuit training makes you all-around fit. Even as a beginner, you’ll notice just after a few times that you’re improving your condition, especially your strength. Besides your own body weight, you use items like kettle bells, pull-up bars, sand bags and sticks. Speaking of sticks: registering yourself now for the next edition is a big stick for finally daring to lace up your running shoes!

Injury prevention

The following tips will help make sure you go home from your participation in Mud Masters with no injuries but only great memories for life.

Go off-road

At Mud Masters, you’re going to challenge yourself on a rough course, so train on unpaved roads. That’s the way to prevent ankle and knee injuries. Evenly build up the length and intensity, so that your muscles and joints can get used to a different type of strain.

Remember your upper body

Prevent shoulder injuries. Train functionally for the parts that you will encounter during Mud Masters and don’t forget your upper body. Think of the Monkey Bars, where you will be hanging from horizontal ladders with your full body weight and then climb to the other side (and get unforgivingly wet if you fail! So train away…).


Stretching may not be what you’ve been dying to do, but it really does help. Definitely if you’re going to run more than 10 kilometers. Training shortens your muscles, and puts you more at risk for injuries. For a good result, hold your stretch for 15 seconds.

Your inner Mud Master
Make sure you eat well during your training periods and take in enough protein for building muscle. Pay attention to drinking enough water before your run. Make sure you start drinking in time, because your body needs some time to absorb it.
Back to nature

Nature is not a clinical environment, of course. So storm the obstacles on our course with care. Make sure you don’t ingest any water, rinse yourself off well after the run, and pay attention to any open wounds. Immediately clean these thoroughly, and report to one of our First Aid posts or go to your family doctor if you have any doubts or questions about the wounds.

We advise pregnant women or people with a low health resistance not to participate.


It sounds like a cheap sales pitch, but it’s true: a good outfit is half the battle. But what do we mean by a good outfit for a rough obstacle course? We’ll tell you all about it!

Don’t wear cotton!

Cotton becomes heavy and stays wet for a long time. That’s why our most important advice is: don’t wear cotton!

The clothes make the Mud Master

Underclothing is the basis of your outfit. Wear a thermal undershirt. These shirts keep your body warm after a dip in the water. Wear a lightweight T-shirt over your thermal undershirt. This will let moisture through so that your body remains dry. Protect your legs with long tights or long running shorts. If it’s cold, we advise you to wear a cap. After all, you lose a lot of body heat from your head.

If the shoe fits...

You’ll need sturdy solid shoes that will help you with the many challenging obstacles on the course. Trail running shoes are the best choice for the task. These provide more grip due to the rough sole and offer more protection.

Underneath your clothes

Don’t underestimate it: the sports bra! Finding the right model is important and is a matter of personal preference. Make sure you get advice from a sporting goods shop.