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Toetanchamon Steps

The only way is up!


Long way to the top

When you stand at the bottom of this 42-meter high pyramid, you ask yourself what in heaven’s name you’re getting yourself into. After each step your legs become heavier and your breathing faster, but you’ll be dragged through it by the breath-taking view over the course and the top that comes ever closer. And then, after 130 steps, you have your first euphoric moment of the day: YOU HAVE ARRIVED!






Fun fact

On Facebook Mud Masters newbie Charlotte said that our photo of the Toetanchamon Steps must have been Photoshopped. Because we really couldn’t do this to our participants. Yes, we can…

When, after all those steps, I was finally on top and looked down, I felt like I had won the Champions League. Such a powerful feeling!

Joost van Erven (The Netherlands)

Fun fact

The Toetanchamon Steps is built from some 130 steps. Per event, about 2.6 million steps are climbed by all participants together. That’s more than 3,700 Eiffel Towers or 162,500 apartment floors!

Now that I have experienced the Toetanchamon Steps, you won’t hear me complaining the next time I have to carry two crates of beer to my apartment on the fourth floor.

Ingmar Dorrestijn (The Netherlands)