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‘Muddy’ was never such an understatement! Of course, we’re not called MUD Masters for nothing…

Let yourself go!

We could go on and on, but you will get muddy on the course, after all. And so you can just better let yourself completely go at the Trenches! You will see that the mud trance that you find yourself in is addictively delicious. Above all: When it’s all over, you want to be able to rightly say that you’re a Mud Master, don’t you?






That look on our secretary’s face when she took a dive in the mud – I’ll never forget that. We still laugh about it at work!

Ruben Maasland (The Netherlands)

Adventure and pleasure begin outside your comfort zone.

Bear Grylls

When I thought that I had finally climbed over the last muddy mountain, there were three more...

Michael Grüber (Switzerland)

Fun fact

At every individual course there are some 300,000 liters of mud. That’s approximately 3,000 bath tubs filled to the brim!

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Falling = Swimming!

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