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Monkey Bars

Gorilla or baby monkey? The difference is determined here!

Failing = swimming!

Finishing the Monkey Bars is a great victory! You have to have enough gripping strength and rhythm to make it to the other side. Letting go = getting wet!






Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.

Jon Bon Jovi


How many attempts did you need last time to get to the other side?

Fun fact

On average, 62% of the participants are dry when they reach the other side of the Monkey Bars. Does this give you a spontaneous urge to prove it? Just train!

At the Marines Corps

Worldwide Classic

These Monkey Bars are a worldwide classic at the Marines’ obstacle courses. You’ll find them, for example, at the Royal Marine Commandos in southern England. Only there they practice with 15 kg of equipment! Oh yeah, and with smooth iron bars…

Training tip

Hang on your doorframe every day until your arms start to go numb. That

(underarm) strength and perseverance will carry you very far at this obstacle on the course!

Only during my fourth Mud Masters was I able to reach the other side of the Monkey Bars in one go. Man, was I PROUD then!

Sam Hillmann (The Netherlands)

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