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Load Carry

This physical and mental test requires your utmost perseverance!

100% muscle pain guarantee!

If you think that the Load Carry is easy after the Buddy Carry, then you’ve got it all wrong. Struggling for a few hundred meters on our course with a sandbag of 20 kg (!) on your neck is a whole different ballgame! Ruthless? Definitely! An iron-strong test of perseverance, both physical and mental? You bet! 100% muscle pain guarantee? Check!






Load Carry 2.0

Only for the biggest powerhouses!

Is the regular Load Carry not heavy enough for you? Then try running non-stop with the sandbag. Is it still not heavy enough? Then carry the sandbag with outstretched arms above your head!

If you’re going through hell… Keep going!

Winston Churchill

At the Marine Corps

The last mile

Often during military trainings, a Load Carry will be planned at the end of an exercise week – to ‘earn the weekend’. All sorts of materials, such as sandbags, jerry cans and car tires, are dragged along for 2-3 hours (!) during this form of all-around fitness training. Our Load Carry suddenly doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

This obstacle is the heaviest, mentally. You want to give up halfway because your muscles are burning, but if you finish the lap after all with sandbag, you’re f*cking proud.

Mark O’Bright (Canada)

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