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Bunker Busters

Bunkers are supposed to protect you and not destroy you!?

Calf-biters in a Hollywood setting

When you storm towards the iconic meters-high bunkers on our course at Airport Weeze, and you brace yourself to run over them, you feel as if you’re running through a scene from a Hollywood action film. The bunkers are hidden under the grass or in the woods and, due to their steep climbs, they provide many calf-biting moments. But every time you have climbed to the top of a bunker, the phenomenal view over the grounds makes you quickly forget the pain again!






Thanks in part to the Bunker Busters, Airport Weeze is my favorite Mud Masters location.

Ravi van Hoven (The Netherlands)


Explosive name

The name ‘Bunker Busters’ comes from the military world. There, the name is given to a bomb that is used to blast extremely hardened or underground targets, including military bunkers.

Fun fact

Did you know that Airport Weeze was originally a British military air force base? That explains the presence of the bunkers!

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