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The Flyer

Get ready for the launch!

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No control, maximum adrenalin!

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Splash Jump

Close your nose and overcome your fear of depth!

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Mud Masters always keeps developing the coolest and biggest new obstacles, so I keep coming back.


You can call it ‘playing outside’ for adults!

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Pipe Runner

A good sprint is half the battle.

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Buddy Carry

A test of teamwork!

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Behind the scenes

On every Mud Masters course you’ll find about 70 obstacles. A team of three course engineers is busy full-time and year round thinking of new obstacles, further developing our classics, and setting out challenging and safe obstacle routes. The week before the event, a crew of some 40 people is hard at work building the obstacles.

Monkey Bars

Falling = Swimming!

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Air Bag

Are you stronger than air?

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Take just one more deep breath...

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Great Walls

These notorious walls force you to use teamwork!

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Horizon Climber

An adventurous water-crossing.

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Mud Crawl XXL

Stay low!

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Load Carry

Don’t complain, carry!

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What is your favorite Mud Masters obstacle?

Want to see the course?

Toetanchamon Steps

Stairway to heaven… or hell?

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Net Jump

Jump In!

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What’s great about Mud Masters is the diversity of obstacles: from sliding to crawling and from climbing to jumping!

Bunker Busters

Just like in an action film!

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Shocking final show!

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