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Splash Jump

Your heart rate suddenly jumps to 150. Your breathing quickens. And then… you jump!

Hold your nose and GO!

When you’re on top of the platform and look carefully over the railing, the ultimate test of character begins. Are you really a die-hard? Or secretly a chicken? Don’t get crazy. Fear is an emotion and emotions can be turned off. Hold your nose and GO!







Are you going to do it or not?

At the Marines

Helicopter Jump

In Marine Corps exercises, the Splash Jump is used to simulate a jump out of a helicopter. Sometimes that’s needed to quickly infiltrate an enemy area. No time for doubt. JUMP!

Fun fact

All participants that dare to take on the Splash Jump, together jump about 100,000 meters down per event. That’s from Haarlemmermeer to Airport Weeze via Biddinghuizen!

At first, I didn’t dare to jump, but I felt like a super hero when I finally did it!

Jasper Mooren (Netherlands)

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Shocking final show!

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