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The Sizzler

Dare to get excited!

That tickles!

At least, that’s what we say to convince you to test your limits and take on the electrifying crawl. Because, in reality, it doesn’t just tickle a little – it sizzles and shocks like crazy! If you listen carefully, you can still hear participants screaming 500 meters away. But you know what: Your finish beer tastes so much more delicious when you’ve just chosen to crawl through the route with electricity!







There is a crawl route with electricity and a crawl route without. Which one will you take?

Don’t get crazy!

You dare to do this.
Come and prove it at the next event!

Fun fact

The loudest scream ever from a participant was measured at 108 decibels. For comparison: A helicopter at 30 meters produces 100 decibels. Holy sh*t!

Of course I took the Sizzler with electricity. After going 18 km flat out, I wasn’t about to stop at the last obstacle!

Jamie Klaver (The Netherlands)

Training tip (NOT)

Go to the nearest cow pasture and touch the electric fence 10 times each week. You’ll see that you automatically get used to the feeling of electricity in your veins!

(Just a joke, of course. Don’t try this at home.)


Jesse de Nooijer (The Netherlands)

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You can call it ‘playing outside’ for adults!

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