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Pipe Runner

You sprint, sprint even harder, climb up and yell spontaneously: “I’m the king of the world!”

Huh, a quarter pipe?!

You’re thinking: Huh, this is a quarter pipe. Don’t you normally storm it with a skateboard? Yup! We just like to push your limits. So you feel even more a winner once you’re on top!






Cool shit! What an enormous construction!

Jimmy Lovermans (Netherlands)


Where do you tag it, our Pipe Runner?

Fun fact

Once there was a Mud Master that took 16 attempts to reach the top. What perseverance!
Do you want to be able to do it faster? Check out our training tips!

I stood there and thought: I’m never going to make it! But together with my friends, I did it anyway. What a rush!

Maud van Engelen (Netherlands)

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Splash Jump

Close your nose and overcome your fear of depth!

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