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Mud Crawl XXL

Crawling under razor-sharp barbed wire, you make your way through the mud. Get some, tiger!

Freestyle through the mud!

While you’re crawling your way through the mud, you keep thinking: “I didn’t know that I had muscles there!?” And: “How much longer do I still have to go?” But giving up and walking away is not an option, because just above your head is razor-sharp barbed wire. Pedal to the metal and just grin and bear it!






You can never quit. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Usain Bolt

Driven to prove

Do you want to prove that you’re a go-getter?
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At the Marines


We also call this obstacle ‘Battlefield’ because this set-up is used on military practice assault courses to imitate a defensive situation. Previously during such trainings, there was shooting with live ammunition to simulate the battle even better. Staying low was never so important!

I used all my muscles and felt mud everywhere... Hard, but it felt good!

Jorn Schuurman

Training tip

If you practice the Mud Crawl regularly during your round-the-park run, we guarantee that you will become Mud Masters-proof in no time. Your condition and heart rate will become extra stimulated whenever you tilt your upper body 90 degrees after running a while.

Could you use some extra training? On our preparation page you’ll find trainers and clubs near you!

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Just like in an action film!

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