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Horizon Climber

Get to the other side – dry – on pure strength and technique.

Crossing the water like an adventurer

For a moment, you feel like the greatest adventurer in the world as soon as you take on the Horizon Climber. Via a tightly drawn rope, you cross the water either crawling (‘cat crawl’) or hanging (‘monkey climb’). And that is more difficult than it seems! Because as soon as the rope begins to chafe and your arms and legs start to burn, you’re probably not yet at the halfway mark…






How To

If you want to reach the other side of the water dry (and, believe us, you want that because the water on our course does not exactly have the temperature of a swimming pool…), then you’ll have to possess the necessary strength and technique. In the instruction video at the side, we show you how you can best execute the two most-used techniques.

At the Marines Corps

Boarding ships and crossing ravines

This obstacle is based on the techniques that Marines have used for hundreds of years to board ships. The ‘cat crawl’ and ‘monkey climb’ technique are also used by the Marines to cross ravines and rivers. In these situations there is a much greater danger lurking than the ice-cold water in which you’ll land at Mud Masters if you fall…

When I hung under that rope and pulled myself to the other side, I felt just like Bear Grylls who climbed over a ravine. What a rush!

Bente Bannink

At the Marines

The Loser

At Marine Corps trainings, there is always someone who’s the loser, because someone has to go into the ice-cold water to secure the rope on the other side…

Clothing tip

Do you want to make it a little easier on yourself (Superman had a cape, after all!)? Make sure you wear a base layer with long pants legs and long sleeves.

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No control, maximum adrenalin!

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