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Buddy Carry

All for one and one for all to the other side!

Teamwork to the max!

Mud Masters means teamwork. You’re going to prove that you and your buddy are real team players during the Buddy Carry! The assignment is very simple: Bring each other to the other side. On the first half of the course, one buddy is carried by the other one; then you switch positions. There is no better test for your friendship or family ties. Will you really be supported by the other?







There’s more than one way to get to Rome. Or, in this case, to the other side of the course with your buddy on your back. For example, carry your mud buddy as a baby, simply on your back, or try the Fireman’s Carry. Or… do you both dare to do the Naked Carry? 😉

Fun fact

The heaviest participant carried at Mud Masters weighed 142 kg. His carrier weighed almost half as much: 74 kg. Talk about teamwork and perseverance!


Which technique will you and your buddy use next time?

Fraternizing at the coffee machine

After getting through a Buddy Carry with your colleague, there’ll be no more uncomfortable discussions at the coffee machine. Register your company now for the next Mud Masters challenge!

Training tip

Just leave your car at home when you’re out on the town and carry your drunken buddy home using one of these techniques.
Do you also want to train for the other obstacles? On our preparation page you’ll find trainers and clubs near you!

At the Marine Corps


This obstacle is inspired by the buddy system at the Marine Corps. Marines work together closely and take care of each other, which produces a synergy. So, 1+1=3. Military personnel and also fire fighters use this exercise to learn how to carry their wounded buddies or victims to a safe place. The requirement of the Royal Marines is that together you cover 200 meters in 90 seconds, with 15 kilograms of equipment and weapons per person.

We started on the run as friends, but after the Buddy Carry we feel like we’re brothers for life!

Ramon & Michiel (The Netherlands)

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