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3 tips for conquering the Monkey Bars (and staying dry)

It’s one of the most popular obstacles, but at the same time also one of the most difficult: the Monkey Bars. We’re giving you three tips for a dry passage!

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5 tips for your first Mud Masters!

Are you going to participate for the first time? Then read these 5 tips to get the most out of your first Mud Masters challenge!

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The 5 biggest myths about Mud Masters

These are the most heard fables that may stand in the way of you and a legendary experience...

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Aftermovies Airport Weeze

Get inspired by the teamwork, fun and perseverance of your fellow Mud Masters, and sign up for the next edition in Biddinghuizen!

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7 new obstacles in 2018!

Get ready for SEVEN new obstacles in 2018!

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