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Behind The Scenes


In the video and the article below, we would like to explain a number of issues regarding our safety organization.

Highest priority
Since the first edition of Mud Masters in 2012, safety has had the highest priority within our organization. We realize that participants trust us to provide a challenging and safe assault course, and we want to ensure that trust.

During the preparation for our events, extensive risk inventories are made. Measures are taken where necessary to minimize risks. These include meticulous construction plans, calculations, various procedures and inspections. A residual risk is always present, but this is also true when you participate in road traffic, for example.

Safety organization
If something should nevertheless go wrong during an event, there is a professional safety organization waiting. This includes the deployment of multiple ambulance teams with off-road vehicles who can be at the scene quickly and the presence of the Rescue Brigade with diving teams at the various water obstacles. Due to good preparations, fortunately they must only be rarely called into action.

Safety at the ‘Flyer’ slide obstacle
These safety teams are also set up at our ‘Flyer’ slide. Before the ‘Flyer’ was introduced at our event at Airport Weeze in 2015, it was preceded by months of preparations and testing. In the last two seasons, more than 100,000 ‘Flyer’ participants have safely slid, launched and landed.

Multiple measures are taken by the Mud Masters organization to guarantee the safety at the ‘Flyer’:

– At the start, participants are expressly instructed not to enter the water if they cannot swim.
– The number of participants who may simultaneously use the construction is always limited.
– The safety organization does not allow participants to slide as long as the landing zone in the water is not yet clear.
– This same organization counts all participants who land in the water at the same time, and subsequently counts whether just as many people emerge from the water.
– The Rescue Brigade stands at the ready with swimmers and divers in and around the water, in case an unsafe situation should nevertheless occur.
– The sliding surface is divided into separate lanes, so that the landing spot of the participants in the water can be verified.

Mud Masters: Extremely challenging, extremely safe
As mentioned, safety is our first priority at Mud Masters. We provide an extremely challenging as well as an extremely safe course at all times, so that you and all other Mud Masters only have to focus on teamwork, suffering and laughing.

Good luck training for the next edition,