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1K Knock Out

[NEW] Mud Masters 1K Knock Out: 1000-meter sprint, 10 obstacles, 1 winner!

The hardest kilometer of your life?

During the 5-year anniversary edition of Mud Masters Biddinghuizen, the pilot edition of ‘Mud Masters 1K Knock Out‘ will take place on Saturday, September 23. At this extreme event, we challenge the 20 most fit men and the 20 most fit women to a 1000-meter long obstacle course with Mud Masters obstacles and functional fitness events. Think here of obstacles such as the quarter pipe ‘Pipe Runner’, the feared ‘Monkey Bars’ and strength events such as ‘Rope Climb’, ‘Load Carry’ and ‘Sled Push’. The fastest man and the fastest woman will win the competition and thus an eternal spot on the virtual Mud Masters wall of fame. Not making one obstacle = Knock Out. So only the best of the best can win. No mercy!

Are you going to go for it? Register for free before July 28 using this form. Note: Registration is no guarantee of participation. You will receive a personal message no later than August 8 as to whether you are on the start list. The minimum age for participation is 18 years.

Note: The actual obstacles may differ from the ones above.

Become an official judge!
To help us in making sure that the competition will be played fairly and according to the rules, we’re looking for skilled judges. Are you interested and available on Saturday, September 23? Then register now.

‘Mud Masters 1K Knock Out’ is an addition to our existing time measurement competition events, such as the 18 km Alfa race group and the ‘9 Hours’ event of our night run ‘Mud Masters Night Shift’. Here, too, teamwork, sportsmanship and camaraderie are the most important qualities.

‘1K Knock Out’ takes place at the Biddinghuizen event grounds with free access for spectators.