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The 5 biggest myths about Mud Masters

Are you afraid to participate in Mud Masters? Or do you know someone who is on the fence? Below you can read the most heard fables that may stand in the way of you and a legendary experience…

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Myth 1: You have to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Even though we hold deep respect for the Terminator, biceps the size of melons are definitely not a prerequisite for being on the start line at Mud Masters. Au contraire: If you sport regularly and you have the will to finish, you will make it. After the pumped-up start, you will be catapulted forward on the strength of adrenaline and other enthusiastic Mud Masters.

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Myth 2: You have to train at least 10 hours a week.
Many participants exercise no more than 3 hours per week while preparing for Mud Masters. This can be a mix of sports that you already do, such as football, running or cycling, but it can also be a form of strength and condition training such as Bootcamp or CrossFit. The benefit is that you will feel even better about yourself. There are 168 hours in a week, so try to fit it in somewhere. If you have any doubts about your fitness, you can opt for our 6-km course, where everyone with a basic condition can finish with no time pressure. On the 12 and 18-km courses, more is expected of your condition and your (gripping) strength.

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Myth 3: The combination of running and obstacles makes it brutally difficult.
On the contrary. Due to the variation of the soil (mud…) and obstacles, your body will not be taxed in such a one-sided manner as in a running race. Additionally, there is so much distraction on the course that you won’t be concerned about distance and time – and that will be a huge mental benefit for you. We’re talking about various obstacles and friends who succumb to the mud and conquer obstacles together (clumsily or not). If running on a road is the boring documentary, then Mud Masters is the exciting movie that ends much too quickly.

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Myth 4: You have to do all the obstacles.
This is only true for the race section. Even still, we advise you to do all the obstacles, so you have the best experience and challenge yourself to the utmost. However, it may be that an obstacle is not (yet) feasible for you, due to fear of heights or claustrophobia, for instance. You can decide for yourself whether you will pass on the obstacle. If you can’t swim, please don’t go in the water, even though there is an alert rescue team. If you don’t do an obstacle, this is a nice challenge to work on for the future.

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Myth 5: You must be able to run at least 18 km non-stop.
Just running – and nothing else but running – is a different type of strain than participating in Mud Masters, where running is interspersed with obstacles, water and mud.

You must be able to complete these distances without falling apart:

6 km at Mud Masters = 3 km running
12 km at Mud Masters = 6 km running
18 km at Mud Masters = 9 km running