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7 new obstacles in 2018!

Get ready for SEVEN new obstacles in 2018! In the coming weeks, they will be unveiled one-by-one on our Facebook page, so follow our page and stay tuned!

#1: Wave Maker!

We’re kicking off the series with the…Wave Maker! Show that you’re a strong team player by maneuvering over life-sized rolling pins that turn in the water. You can only conquer these gigantically large obstacles with a strong dose of teamwork!

#2: Rolling Monkey!

Remember the Monkey Bars? Well… you will be longing for the Monkey Bars you used to know, because we are making it quite a bit more enjoyable with our extra tough version, Rolling Monkey! High time to start training your arm and grip strength…

#3: Mud Drop!

Did you seriously think you could cross the Mud Masters finish line CLEAN?!

#4: Brain Freeze 2.0!

Say goodbye to the option of deciding WHEN to dive into the ice-cold water of this ruthless obstacle…

#5 & #6: Rope Charge & Hang Over!

For our 18-km diehards on the ‘black mud slope’ – we have new challenges for you in mind too this season! You will be needing your arm muscles like never before on our new killer obstacles Rope Charge and Hang Over!

To be announced…

Who are you bringing with you to Haarlemmermeer (near Schiphol Airport) on April 21/22 or to Airport Weeze on May 5/6/12? Tickets are still available.