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5 tips for your first Mud Masters!

Do you want to or are you going to participate in Mud Masters this year for the first time? Then read these 5 tips to get the most out of your first Mud Masters challenge!

1. Make sure you have enough and proper training.
Make sure you can run about 80% of your course length non-stop. This means that you must be able to run 4 km if you will take on the 6 km course, 10 km if you’re doing the 12 km course at Mud Masters, and 15 km if you’re taking on the 18 km challenge. Often your basic condition will bring you quite far, but additional running is always good.
There are various obstacles on the course, where you’ll also have to climb or crawl. Train your upper body well – for example, with push-ups – and train your strength and endurance with burpees.
Can’t do it on your own? There are many trainers, CrossFit boxes and Bootcamps that can help you become ‘Mud Masters fit’. You’ll find an overview of a few thousand training locations on our preparation page.

2. Injury prevention.
Fortunately, there are few injuries at Mud Masters. Good preparation is part of this. While training, don’t forget to hang by your own bodyweight in order to train your shoulders and back muscles. This will definitely help you at the Monkey Bars but also at other obstacles. You can find more essential tips & tricks, such as about safely stepping off of obstacles, here.

3. Gear up!
Proper clothing will also help you get through your first Mud Masters experience. The most important tip: Don’t wear cotton! Cotton absorbs water and mud like a sponge and then it doesn’t breathe anymore, so it becomes incredibly heavy. Long pants are also advised to protect your legs while climbing and crawling. Trail running sneakers give you more grip than regular sport or running shoes and last a long time, considering you can easily rinse them off after the run. You’ll find more clothing tips here.

4. Help each other.
Bring your friends, colleagues or family members and make it a nice challenge for all of you. By training and going to the event together, you share the anticipation and the unforgettable experience.
You are also welcome to come to Mud Masters by yourself, because no one is truly alone. All Mud Masters help each other on the course, and there is a nice atmosphere of camaraderie among the participants, even if they don’t yet know each other.

5. Go for it
You will have the greatest experience if you really go all out for it. On the course, you won’t be distracted by your telephone (at most, until the first water obstacle…), and you can fully enjoy the physical and mental challenge, the teamwork and the festival atmosphere. And finishing together is more important than your finish time, so you can also let go of that pressure.

We wish you lots of fun (and muscle pain)!