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Training schedule: Fit for Mud Masters in 4 weeks!

Already said ‘YES!’ to a Mud Masters challenge – whether or not forced by your friends – and now you’re wondering how you can actually prepare for it? We’re here to help! The training schedule below will make you fit for the 6 km course in 4 weeks.

Are you going to take on the 12 km or 18 km course? Then you can also use this training schedule but just increase the intensity as you see fit and are able. Keep in mind, though, that a 12 km or 18 km course is not just longer and therefore requires more fitness, but – especially on the 18 km course – your gripping strength will also be tested.

The schedule assumes 3 trainings per week for Mud Masters-to-be who are healthy and injury-free.

Start each workout with a warm-up of your entire body. This helps you get more out of your training and prevent injuries. Start with jogging for 5 minutes and alternate that with 5 minutes of lunges, planking and waving your arms.

After the warm-up, it’s time to start the training, which will be a little more challenging each week and consists of three parts:

You will build up your fitness level so that you can run at least 3 kilometers without stopping. That is sufficient for the 6 km course, where running is interrupted by an obstacle every 400 meters. Also train on unpaved paths to have your body get used to an off-road course. If you can’t run the distance in the schedule entirely non-stop, then run as much as you can and (fast) walk the remaining distance.

Gripping strength
You will also build up your gripping strength by doing a lot of squeezing, so that you can conquer the Monkey Bars, for one. You can train this perfectly on the Monkey Bars at the nearest playground. This hanging on a bar is called dead hang in the schedule.

Exercises such as burpees will make you strong enough to help you and your buddies through the muddy obstacle adventure.

We promise you: After 4 weeks of going all out in your training, no obstacle will be too big, too high or too hard for you! And if it is, your friends as well as others will still be there to help you. Mud Masters leave no (wo)men behind!

Have fun and good luck with the training! You can do more than you think!