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3 tips for conquering the Monkey Bars (and staying dry)

It’s one of the most popular Mud Masters obstacles, but at the same time also one of the most difficult: the Monkey Bars. We’re giving you three tips for a dry passage!

1. Train your gripping strength.
Train your gripping strength and get used to hanging by your own bodyweight. Hang on a bar (or an alternative, such as a football goal or playground equipment) and build up your hang time. As soon as you can hang for 30 seconds non-stop, open your hands alternately. Try to make this a ritual and fit it in after every training.

2. Clean hands.
Logical, but you do have to think of it: Wipe your hands clean before you start on the Monkey Bars. This obstacle is naturally extra challenging with mud on your hands…

3. Focus!
While hanging on the Monkey Bars, keep focusing on the next bar. Don’t think of anything else. Bar by bar, you’ll get to the other side.

You can do this! Good luck with training for your next Mud Masters challenge!