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february 1 & 2, 2019

Rope Climb X

Mud Masters and Interbest present the most extreme test of fitness: Rope Climb X. After decades of absence, the legendary ‘mother of functional fitness movements’  is back in an action packed competition. Women and men from over the world are challenged to attack their personal best time climbing the Legless Speed Climb and Freestyle Long Climb.

The events will take place at world class venues and will be broadcast live. The spectacular performances will inspire masses to push their boundaries.

Legless Speed Climb

Competitors will climb an 8 meter (men) or 5 meter (women) rope for time, without using their legs. Hoog Catharijne will host this event at their brand new, high traffic venue, next to Utrecht Central Station.

February 1

Hoog Catharijne
Godebaldkwartier 54
3511 DX Utrecht

Event & livestream: 4:00 – 8:30 pm
Final starts at: 7:00 pm

Spectators can watch in person for free.

Freestyle Long Climb

Climbing as high as possible, as quickly as possible, is the challenge for competitors at the 25 meter high ropes hanging from an Interbest billboard in Amsterdam. The athletes are allowed to use their legs and a climbing technique of their choice.

February 2

Joan Muyskenweg 32C
1114 AN Amsterdam
Arrive using public transport or park elsewhere. There is no parking available at the climbing location.

Event & livestream: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Final starts at: 2:45 pm

Spectators can watch in person for free.

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Prize money

There are separate classes for men and women. The winners will share total prize money of €2,000.

Rope climbing is back

Rope climbing has been the basis for physical training for schools, military and athletes for centuries. It was even at the Olympics from 1896-1932. After years of being underground, the art of rope climbing is unstoppable, resurfacing worldwide at gyms, Cross Fit boxes, obstacle courses and local competitions like in the Czech Republic.