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BiddinghuizenBiddinghuizen (NL)

September 24, 2017
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On the 3-kilometer long obstacle course, Mud Masters of 6 years and older conquer the muddy moonscape of approximately 8 fun obstacles with their friends and family. Mud Masters from 11 years old take on a bit more challenging obstacles on the 5-kilometer course – some 13 in all.

Together, you’ll have an unforgettable outdoor adventure on the Mud Masters Family course and you’ll make memories for life. You’ll talk about this at the dining table for a long time to come… Muddy cool!


There is an obstacle course of 3 kilometers (from 6 years) and an obstacle course of 5 kilometers (from 11 years).

Most obstacles are made of wooden climbing frames, there’s also a spectacular 5 meters high slide obstacle and naturally a lot of mud, among other ingredients. To make sure that everyone crosses the finish line, tired but satisfied, obstacles for all levels of height and fitness are included. Due to safety considerations, there will be no deep water.

Box office
3 KM Sunday
€ 35,00
5 KM Sunday
€ 40,00
All prices include 6% VAT and are valid as long as tickets are available.


Children from 6 to 11 years with a valid start number may participate on the 3 km course under the guidance of at least one adult (18+) who also has a valid starting number. From 11 years old and up, guidance by an adult is not required.

Parts of the course can be followed by spectators. There is no entrance fee for spectators.

Included for participants

Finish shirt (starting at size xxs)
Personal photos and videos
Rinse facilities after the finish
Food and drink stations at the course
Changing rooms and wardrobe

Start waves


That’s why all our participants start in different start waves. Every 20 minutes another new wave of about 200 enthusiastic Mud Masters starts. This ensures a good flow on the course.

Event terrain Biddinghuizen
Spijkweg 30, Biddinghuizen
The Netherlands
The parking area will be open from 08:00. Parking is 8 euro for a day ticket. Parking is only allowed in the designated parking areas. Your car will be towed if parked outside of these areas.


Celebrate your finish on the festival grounds, together with thousands of your peers. After your adventures on the course, there will be plenty of nice stories to go around. Tired but satisfied, you will be photographed together and… the fries will taste even better!


Even if you don’t participate in Mud Masters, you are very welcome to join in the fun. Bring your friends, your mother or your entire neighborhood with you. Or come by with your dog. Our warriors will run even faster with your fanatic screaming from the sidelines. Entrance = free.


How can I specify the size of the shirt for my child?
In the Mud Masters Profile you can choose the shirt size ‘Kids’, this is the smallest size for the participants in the Mud Masters Family Run.
How many children can I accompany on the course, as an adult?
One adult may accompany up to 4 kids. Everyone, also the adults, on the course need to have a valid e-ticket.
When is it mandatory to be accompanied by an adult (18+)?
Children up to 11 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, in possession of a valid Mud Masters Family ticket.
How many people can participate on 1 Mud Masters Family ticket?
Everyone willing to participate with Mud Masters Family has to have his or her own e-ticket. There is no admittance without an e-ticket.
I can’t seem to personalize the tickets of my children, what should I do?
It’s possible to buy several tickets with 1 e-mail address. These additional tickets can only be personalized if your child has an e-mail address of his/her own. In case your child does not have a unique e-mail address, he or she will be allowed to participate with one of the tickets with your name on them.
Mud Masters FAQ


To collect your start package at the start number counter.
Money for the parking ticket.
Plastic bag
A plastic bag for your wet and muddy clothes.
Dry and warm clothes for after your run. We recommend arriving at the terrain in your sportswear.


Register now!

We always need people that can assist participants at the obstacles. Often a little push or a helping hand can make a big difference. If that sounds a bit too active for you then another grateful task may be to distribute T-shirts, food and beer. There is a task for everyone. Register now!