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Airport Weeze 24 Hours Games24 HOURS GAMES

May 5 & 6, 2018

Alfa (18 KM) + Sprint Surprise + Night Shift (9 Hours) =
24 Hours Games!

24 Hours Games is a brand new challenge that has never before been organized anywhere in the world – a challenge in which three different events will take place over the course of 24 hours on May 5 and 6, 2018: The 18 km Alfa race series in the morning, an explosive sprint at the beginning of the evening, and the 9 Hours Night Shift element during the night. The setting for this endurance challenge is the deserted Air Force Base on Airport Weeze with woods and sand and mud pits.

Back up a bit? Mud Masters Night Shift!

Do you think the 24 Hours Games is just a bit too much of a good thing? Then the second edition of Mud Masters Night Shift may be right up your alley: 12 kilometers, 18 kilometers, 42 kilometers or 9 hours of non-stop suffering in the dark!

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24 hours games

Between Saturday 9:00 AM and Sunday 9:00 AM, participants will be faced with three completely different challenges that test them physically and mentally, each in a different way.

The Games begin with the 18 kilometer Alfa race in which one single lap on our obstacle course is run together with the participants of the Alfa race group.

The second part is the short (but powerful!) Sprint Surprise, which starts at 6:30 PM.

For dessert, the 9 Hours element of Mud Masters Night Shift is on the menu.

Between the challenges and also during the 9 Hours element, you can rest up at the campground next to the course.

Included with participation

Ankle bracelet with timing chip
Campground ticket
Exclusive 24 Hours Games finish shirt
Exclusive Airport Weeze finish shirt
Personal photos and videos
Food and drink stations on the course
A beer at the finish
Rinse-off facilities after the finish
Changing areas and manned wardrobe
Box office
24 HRS
All prices include VAT.
Support crew and spectators

For each participant or each group of participants, you are required to bring at least one person to offer support. This so-called ‘support crew’ must possess a campground ticket.

Spectators have free access to certain parts of the grounds but can only gain entry to the campground if they have a campground ticket.

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Mud Masters 24 Hours Games is part of Mud Masters Weeze. Both events take place at and surrounding Airport Weeze.
Airport Weeze
Navigation address: Baaler Strasse

The parking area is open starting at 8:00 AM. A weekend parking ticket costs 8 euros.

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Camping 24 Hours Games

A 24 Hours Games campground will be set up where participants can rest. This campground is located near the start and finish. A campground ticket is included. Separate campground tickets may be purchased for participants of the 12 and 18 kilometers, support crew and spectators.

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