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Hamburg 2017

Personal photos

Congratulations on your great achievement, Mud Master!

Don’t your friends believe you really became a Mud Master? It’s time to proof it by sharing your personal photos and videos with them!

If you can only find fewer than one photo, check our frequently asked questions. You may find the answer to your question here.


Mudmasters 2014, Duitsland, Weeze

Frequently asked questions

I see photos of other people on my personal page. How is this possible?

That’s right! All your photos and videos on your personal page are made within a certain time frame. Your brave fellow Mud Masters that were at the same spot at the same time are also linked to your personal page. Great proof that you weren’t the only one who suffered, right? ;)

The system doesn’t recognize my name. What is the problem?

In that case, you probably didn’t put your ticket under your name before the run. But no problem! You can still find your personal photos and videos by searching by time or by your start number. This number is on the ankle bracelet that you wore during your run.

I know that more photos of me were made than what I can find on my personal page. Where can I find them?

In that case, you were probably photographed by an enthusiastic amateur photographer who isn’t a part of the Mud Masters Team and to whose photos we have no access.

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