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Here they are: Your photos and videos!

BAM! Just like a real champion, you passed the finish line in Haarlemmermeer last weekend. And the great thing is: we’ve got it on camera!

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Aftermovie Haarlemmermeer day 1

Thousands of die-hards imagined today for one day that they were Super(wo)man on our rough obstacle course in Haarlemmermeer. Day 1 of Mud Masters was, to put it mildly, WET AND MUDDY WILD!

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What (not) to wear @ Mud Masters?

Keep an eye on the weather in the next few days and adjust your choice of clothing as needed. We're happy to give you some advice on the best choice of clothing.

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We proudly present… The Haarlemmermeer 2016 course!

After months of hard work and innovations, today was the day we finally reveiled the Haarlemmermeer course, which contains 9 new obstacles!

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Your photo and video live on Facebook!

You'll surely get more likes than on your birthday AND you'll get a chance of winning a wildcard for all 2016 editions of Mud Masters if you sign up for our live Facebook service for free!

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