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June 10 & 11, 2017 STORM THE BEACH!

Included for participants

An original t-shirt
A bavaria 0.0% beer at the finish
Personal photos and videos
Rinse facilities after the finish
Food and drink stations at the course
Changing rooms and wardrobe
Box office
5 KM
€ 70,00
10 KM
€ 75,00
All prices include 6% VAT and are valid as long as tickets are available.


Register now!

Doing Mud Masters is one for the bucket list. A day full of mud, obstacles and fun with your friends – one that years later you’ll look back on with a smile and brag about at get-togethers with friends and family!

Don’t leave anything to chance! Register now with your friends for the same start wave. Because Mud Masters is Teamwork with a capital T!

Box office
5 KM
€ 70,00
10 KM
€ 75,00
All prices include 6% VAT and are valid as long as tickets are available.


Register your company now!

You only really get to know your colleagues during tough times. Muddy times, in this case. Do you want to see your manager crawl? Or the secretary trading her dress suit for a mud suit? Register as a company team and you’ll have plenty of stuff to talk about around the coffee machine!

Make sure your team stands out from the rest and boost your team spirit by having your very own team shirts designed and printed! Send an e-mail to teamwear@mudmasters.com for more information.

Start waves

Mud Masters like to keep on going!

That’s why all our participants start in different start waves. Every 20 minutes another new wave of about 400 enthusiastic Mud Masters starts. This ensures a good flow on the course.

Start with your friends

Of course you want to start with your friends, colleagues, sports buddies and family members. After all, you’re going to really need them on the course! If all of you register in the same start wave, you are all guaranteed to start together.

Is the start wave of your friends full?

Then register in another start wave and ask your friends to change start waves. They can easily do this by logging in to their profile using the link that they received via email after their registration. This is possible as long as the supply of start waves lasts.


The Hague Beach Stadium
Strandweg 4
2586 JK The Hague (NL)
By car
From the highway (A12), follow ‘Scheveningen Haven’. The address for your navigational device is ‘Strandweg 4 (Den Haag)’.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: On June 10 and 11, the Raamweg/Koningskade in Den Haag will be closed to traffic in both directions. You’ll find more info (only available in Dutch) on the website of the municipality of The Hague.

Therefore, we advise you to travel by public transportation. If you do come by car, then we recommend you carpool (team spirit begins in the car!) and use the various P+R / transferium options and parking garages. Plan your route well ahead of time.

by public transport
Plan your travel schedule on www.9292.nl.

You can read more about parking on the website of the municipality of The Hague.


most asked questions

What is Mud Masters?
Something you should give a try! Especially when you want to test your all-round fitness. It’s a real challenge, both physically and mentally. Stamina, muscle strength and determination are just some of the traits that make a talented Mud Master. You will run through an obstacle course of 6, 12, 18 or 42 kilometers, which has been designed by experts of the Dutch Marine Corps. In 2015, as a first in Europe, we offered participants the ultimate challenge: Mud Masters 24 Hours: 24 hours of endurance! Mud Masters is less about time and more about teamwork. So bring your friends and have a blast!
How can I register our company?
Teambuilding, what an excellent idea! You can register your company on our application page. If your company is registered with the chamber of commerce then payment may be made by invoice within 14 days. Another option is to sign up individually and share the start time with your colleagues so they register directly for the same (if available) start series and pay separately.  If you are registered for the same start wave you will surely start at the same time!
My friends are registered in a start wave that is now full. Can I join them?
Is your friend's start wave full? Register for the same distance. You can always start together at the later start time!
What distances are the Mud Masters courses?
The typical Mud Masters course  is 18 kilometers long. Participants may choose to complete a 6-, 12-, 18- or 42 run. On the 6-, 12- and 18 kilometer course participants complete one single unique round. The 42 kilometer course consists of one 18 kilometer round and two 12 kilometer rounds. At Mud Masters Airport Weeze in 2015 and 2016 we offered a 24 Hours course, 24 hours of power!
What is included in the price?
After conquering the course we will hand you a cool Finisher’s T-shirt. You can wear it the next time you go for a run to show other athletes you have been through worse. On top of that we will reward you with a cold glass of beer to quench the thirst. Guarded wardrobes, separated changing rooms, first aid and drink stations are all of course also included in the price.
Mud Masters FAQ

Closing party

The best way to extend that euphoric state you are in after your run is to stay within that unique Mud Masters atmosphere. This does not happen when you go home early to sit in front of your television. Our advice: Team up with your friends once more, have a few pints, eat something, thank the Mud Masters that helped you along the way and sing along to the music. Let’s all enjoy the party!


If you have come to show your support for family, friends or colleagues you are just as much a part of the event as anyone and are very welcome to join the party. Everyone is invited, your mum, your neighbours and even your terrier. The beer is served cold and your fanatical roars will help the mud warriors run faster! Entrance = Free.


To your right you will find a few of the most important items you need on the day of the event.


Make sure to be present one hour and a half before the start of the race to collect your starting license and to hand in your gear at the wardrobe. We want you to start your track in a zen state of mind instead of in hurry.

To collect your start package at the start number counter.

Money for the parking ticket.

Plastic bag

A plastic bag for your wet and muddy clothes.


Dry and warm clothes for after your run. We recommend arriving at the terrain in your sportswear.


Register now!

We always need people that can assist participants at the obstacles. Often a little push or a helping hand can make a big difference. If that sounds a bit too active for you then another grateful task may be to distribute T-shirts, food and beer. There is a task for everyone. Register now!