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Airport Weeze Night ShiftNIGHT SHIFT

May 5 & 6, 2018


We advise you to bring the standard required items on the right with you. In addition, we recommend the following items.

Food and drink

Participants are expected to provide their own food and drink at the campground. There, you may cook with burners and several microwaves are available.

Care stations will be set up on the course but bringing your own extra food for during the run is recommended. Food and drink will also be sold at the catering spots in the start/finish area.

Mobile chargers

A limited amount of electricity is available at the campground. Bring mobile chargers for your telephone, for example, and for the batteries of your head lamp.

Extra clothing

Remember to bring dry clothing. Also, don’t forget a hat for during (possible) breaks and for after your run. Check out our preparations page for more tips about clothing during your run.

Small tent and sleeping bag

You can recharge yourself at the campground. Campers and caravans are not permitted here. There is 5 m2 of space available per campground guest.

Head lamp and flashing light

Because you will suffer deep into the night on the course! Your flashing light can also be a Jotron rescue lamp or a white, waterproof bike lamp. Remember to bring extra batteries.

Aluminum blankets

To maintain your temperature or that of your fellow runners in an emergency.


In case of emergency, this will always make you easy to find in the dark.

Campers and caravans

The campground is not set up for campers and caravans.


Not necessary. Believe us: you and your fellow runners will have enough things to talk about!

Open flame and heaters

Burners ad cooking utensils are allowed in front of your tent.

Alcohol en drugs

Alcohol (during the run) and drugs are strictly forbidden.


It is forbidden to dig at the campground. This can result in dangerous situations. Spare your strength for the course!



There will be strict monitoring of wristbands for entrance to the campground. However, don’t leave any valuables behind at the campsite. Have these held by your supporters, for example, or store these in the manned wardrobe area.

Toilets and showers

Participants and support crew can use the toilets at the campground. There is also a limited number of showers with hot water. A cleaning crew will be present to keep the showers and toilets clean, but be considerate and help this effort by leaving the showers and toilets clean after use.