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May 7, 2017

For little adventure seekers and their families!

For adventurous kids from six years old and their friends and family, there is Mud Masters Family! You crawl and slide together through a super-muddy lunar landscape of 3 kilometers and help each other over the best obstacles. That’s how you experience an unforgettable adventure together outdoors – one that is all about challenge and especially a lot of fun. You’ll talk about this at the dining table for a long time to come… Muddy cool!


The obstacle course is 3 kilometers long.

There will be an obstacle around every 250 meters. The obstacles are made of wooden climbing frames and a lot of mud, among other ingredients. To make sure that everyone crosses the finish line, tired but satisfied, obstacles for all levels of height and fitness are included. There is no deep water.


Each edition has a unique shirt. Become a true Mud Master and collect them all!

Guarded wardrobe
Please: There is only place for one bag per person
Car wash
Getting fresh and clean after the finish
Changing rooms
Separate for men and women
Some good stories to tell at your next birthday party
Box office
3 KM
€ 35,00
All prices include VAT.

Age and guidance

The minimum age is 6 years. Children from 6 to 12 years may participate under the guidance of at least one adult (18+) with a valid start number. From 12 years old and up, guidance by an adult is not required.

Parts of the course can be followed by spectators. There is no entrance fee for spectators.

Start Waves


That’s why all our participants start in different start waves. Every 20 minutes another new wave of about 400 enthusiastic Mud Masters starts. This ensures a good flow on the course.


The event will take place on the Air Force base of Airport Weeze close to Nijmegen. You cannot reach the event and parking area through the main entrance of the airport and must go through the Baaler Straße.

  • From Nijmegen: 30 mins
  • From Venlo: 40 mins
  • From Den Bosch: 60 mins
  • From Eindhoven: 60 mins
  • From Utrecht: 80 mins
  • From Düsseldorf: 55 mins
  • From Keulen: 75 mins
  • From Bonn: 90 mins
By car
You must go through the Baaler Straße, Weeze. Follow the signs for ‘Mud Masters’.

Oh, and may we advise you to carpool? A mini-road trip before the start of the event is always good for building some extra team spirit!

The parking areas will open at 08:00. Parking is 7 euro for a day ticket. You can only pay in cash so don’t forget to bring some pocket money.
A shuttle bus will be driving from Weeze Central Station to the event area (and vice versa) and from Airport Weeze Terminal to the event area (and vice versa) every hour between 8am and 8pm. A single ticket will cost €2,50.

Party after the finish

Celebrate your finish on the festival grounds, together with thousands of your peers. After your adventures on the course, there will be plenty of nice stories to go around. Tired but satisfied, you will be photographed together and… the fries will taste even better!


Even if you don’t participate in Mud Masters, you are very welcome to join in the fun. Bring your friends, your mother or your entire neighborhood with you. Or come by with your dog. We’d like to see that. The beer will be cold and our warriors will run even faster with your fanatic screaming from the sidelines. Entrance = free.


To your right you will find a few of the most important items you need on the day of the event.


Make sure to be present one hour and a half before the start of the race to collect your starting license and to hand in your gear at the wardrobe. We want you to start your track in a zen state of mind instead of in hurry.

To collect your start package at the start number counter.

Money for the parking ticket.

Plastic bag

A plastic bag for your wet and muddy clothes.


Dry and warm clothes for after your run. We recommend arriving at the terrain in your sportswear.


Register now!

We always need people that can assist participants at the obstacles. Often a little push or a helping hand can make a big difference. If that sounds a bit too active for you then another grateful task may be to distribute T-shirts, food and beer. There is a task for everyone. Register now!