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Extra obstacle line-up Hamburg!

Which friends will you bring to the biggest obstacle run in the world to suffer with a big smile? Tickets are still available! Read more

First obstacles Biddinghuizen unveiled!

The first obstacle line-up for our Biddinghuizen (NL) edition is known now! Get one of the LAST tickets for this season's last edition! Read more

Why nothing beats taking part in the Mud Masters run together!

Jessica Menhart (Team Original Bootcamp) explains: "Taking part in a group gave me a sense of unity: we’d pull it off together!" Read more
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Mud Masters

Mud Masters Obstacle Run is a challenging obstacle course based on real marine practice courses. You get to play the action hero that you always wanted to be and master the most spectacular obstacles together with friends and strangers. Mud Masters leave no one behind! And the great thing is: With the various distances from 6 to 42 kilometers, anyone can take on the challenge… You too! Wanna bet?

Mud Masters Obstacle Run is not a competition; it’s about crossing the finish line together, testing your own limits and giving a performance that you’ll be proud of your entire life. And that deserves to be celebrated in style with a cold beer after the finish line on our immense festival terrain!

It’ll be tough… But that just makes it that much more fun and gives you a winner’s feeling for life!

Marine obstacle course

6, 12, 18 & 42 km

The largest and most popular obstacle run in the Benelux!

RTL News bulletin (RTL4, The Netherlands)

The adrenaline rush that you get when you finish with your friends is unbelievably big and forges a bond for life!

Melanie Koch (Germany)

Test your all-round fitness

Endurance and muscle power, that’s what it is all about!

No one left behind

The sense of unity creates the wonderful atmosphere.


At Mud Masters there is a greater sense of unity than at the world cup

Joep Rongen (The Netherlands)